Elias Garcia

Illustrator | Angler

01. Who is Elias?

Elias Garcia is from San Francisco de Campeche, México. He started drawing as a little kid, and admits that it’s always been a “Muse” of his to draw things. He discovered he had a natural talent for illustration when he started getting good at drawing fish and marine art. Another reason Elias is great at drawing is the inspiration he gets while fishin’ and his overall love of the sea and fish in it.

Elias is proud of his accomplishments and says, “I am a biologist first but other artists such as Mark Sussino, Craig Bertram Smith, Guy Harvey, Richard Blanco, Paul Puckett and Jorge Martínez were huge inspirations to me.”

Elias is an avid fisherman all year round but especially loves flyfishing because of it’s unique and difficult challenge it takes to do. As for any particular favorite fish species to catch Elias honestly says, “I can’t say.”

Elias is happy to collaborate his artwork with SunFun Florida (Fishin’) logo and loves the idea of promoting artists from Florida. The way he sees it, SunFun Florida Fishin’ is all about the love of fishin’ and the sea which he can definitely agree with. It’s a WIN WIN for everyone.

02. Elias’s Creative Approach

Elias loves to draw it’s that’s simple. His colored artwork starts with a basic loose pencil sketch then he adjusts the sketch more to make it nicer for the chosen theme. When he’s satisfied with the sketch he finalizes it by filling it in with alot of pencil details. He completes each artwork by using colored markers and/or pencils to re-sketch over his pencil drawing until it’s filled in to his liking.

Elias uses his fishing trips and previous fishing experiences as inspiration for all of his artwork themes. He often uses a sketched style frame to exaggerate a fish or object. He says, he likes the sketched style frame because it really helps the viewer zero in on the sketched fish or centered object.

03. The Future

Elias is a man on a mission. He plans on doing many more fish drawings in the near future in collaboration with SunFun Florida. Elias also wants to explore other types of fishing by traveling to remote areas in South America but is limited by his low income. He hopes by collaborating with SunFun Florida that he will be able to enhance his art career and bolster his income by selling more of his artwork.

SunFun Florida is also on a mission to promote Elias Garcia and his incredible talent for drawing and creativity. If anyone would like to purchase Elias’s artwork they can contact SunFun Florida here or DM Elias on his Instagram at: @tailers_art_by_elias_garcia