Natalya Ovchinnikova

Illustrator | Photographer

About Natalya

While living in her hometown of Tula, Russia – Natalya met a few other Russians that had traveled and lived in Sunny Isles, Florida. After Natalya made friends with these other Russians she was able to hear all of their fun stories of the beach, the sun and the sand in Florida. Natalya was ready to make a big decision and move to America, specifically Florida. Completely tired of the cold Russian winters, Natalya called a taxi and headed to the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. Once in Florida, Natalya made some more local friends in Hollywood, Florida. Her relationships led to other opportunities via premier niche markets for her illustration art and photography in the Miami-Wynwood Art District. She was able to cultivate a small “side” art business but struggled like most artists. She eventually ran into a friend who told her about SunFun Florida and that they could help promote her art.

Natalya has always been creative but never really had enough time or business knowledge to develop her own art business but now as she learns more about business she also enjoys promoting her illustrations and photos here at SunFun Florida.

The Dance Solution

Natalya believes in “Paying It Forward” which is why she asked us to donate a portion of her art sales to a charitable organization. Natalya loves ballet especially Russian Ballet since her young niece is working to be a professional ballet dancer who hopes to someday dance in the famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Natalya is interested in promoting the Palm Beach State College’s dance theater. A percentage of her art work sales will be donated to encouraging young people to start dancing. Dancing in and of itself is an art form but it’s also great for health and fitness which our modern society is often lacking especially for the youth that are constantly glued to their cell phones and video games.

Talking to us last month, Natalya said, “Striving for success alone is boring unless a person adds some goodness and giving to their equation of success which is why I personally give towards a good cause like dancing.” When she sees young people dancing and laughing she knows they’re gaining good health and success because they are gaining power over the stress of life. “Focusing solely on my art career is nice but adding other good things to it is even better and that’s the bottom line for me.” – Natalya Ovchinnikova.


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