Ted Davis

Architect | Artist | Inventor

Ted Davis – Architect | Artist | Inventor

From 1991 to 1999 Ted invented a completely unique art application technique called “Blending” which to date no other artist in the world has attempted to use for art – illustration application. The Blending Technique involves smearing and fusing colors together with strong force onto a mylar drafting material. By applying extreme pressure onto the surface of the mylar material the colored pencil design is then fused into the mylar. The artwork is then coated and sealed with a proprietary chemical application to enhance the saturation of all the colors. The Blending Technique is unique to the entire art world. Ted’s artwork will have lasting effect on 20th-century art.

Ted’s Blending sizes averaged approximately 24 x 36 inches. Because of the larger scale of each Blending and the extreme amount of time to complete the Blending technique Ted was only able to produce approximately 45 original works. Of the total number of Blending works (1) Blending (Calla Lily Cluster) was auctioned off for charity during Ted’s exclusive Art Exhibit at the Governors Club in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1998.

What is Mylar?

“Mylar is a registered trademark owned by the E.I. DuPont Corporation for bi-axially oriented film (BoPET). For example people who work in the Architecture or Engineering business usually use the term Mylar when referring to matte drafting film.” Mylar is also called BoPET or (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) which is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is used for its high tensile strength, transparency, reflectivity, and other properties. The most common use of Mylar is archival storage or thermal insulation.


A Career Snap Shot

As a professional architect in Florida, CA and MI, Ted produced highly sophisticated “hand-drawn” architectural drawings and illustrations over his 60+ year career. His rendered architectural drawings have always been highly admired by his clients and friends. The majority of Ted’s architectural design projects continue to stand as beautiful landmarks all over the State of Florida.

Major Florida Clients and Projects

Alcoa – Jonathan’s Landing Community and Development
DiVosta and Company / Pulte Homes – Abacoa Development
DiVosta and Company – The Bluffs Development (Jupiter, Florida)
Old Port Cove HOA – Old Port Cove Condominiums
Rendina Companies – The Commons at Abacoa
Patrick Family Housing – Patrick Air Force Base Housing
HL St. Lucie, LLC – Fountainview Plaza (aka Westview Plaza II)
Shaw, Sowden Realty and Development – Centre Point Development

In 1981 Ted was asked by Otto “Buz” DiVosta to design a record breaking single-family home. DiVosta’s company had developed a patented way to quickly build a three bedroom, two bath home with a two car garage. The house was built in 7 hours and 35 minutes. Later, the house was donated to the City of Palm Beach Gardens. The home was later entered into the Guinness World Records as a construction project, beating a previous record of 19 hours held by the U.S. Homes Corporation. On average a typical single family home normally takes about 3 months to complete, according to an experienced contractor.

Since 1965, Ted completed many commercial projects that included one story and multi-story office buildings, shopping centers, synagogues and churches located in California, Wyoming, Michigan and many other states around the country. Over the years his firm established a reputation with its clientele by producing successful architecture that’s finished with quality and attention to detail.

Ted developed many interesting and clever inventions but none compared to his greatest invention which involved his sincere passion for Quantum Physics. For over 20 years Ted’s interest in Quantum Physics developed into a solid theory on “How to Build an Artificial Gravity Generator or (AGG) Propulsion System” which he presented to NASA and Boeing Corporation at the AIAA Conference in 2007. NASA has also confirmed receipt (via a formal letter) of Ted’s entire detailed documents on How to Build the Artificial Gravity Generator which Ted called the Cosmic Matrix Displacement Theory or CMD Theory.

To see Ted’s Cosmic Matrix Theory on How to Build an Artificial Gravity Generator go to YouTube:

As a final note, (T.E.D.) Theodore E. Davis unfortunately passed away in 2016 at 80 y/o. His friendly personality, intellectual thoughts and creative talents will be sincerely missed. Ted was truly a modern-day “Renaissance Man.”

Blending Artworks
Residential Projects
Commercial Projects
Ted Davis Architect Architecture Design Abacoa Commons Front Elevation Florida
Ted Davis Architect Projects Palm Beach Juno Beach Jupiter Florida
Ted Davis Unique Blending Fine Art Technique Prima Ballerina

“Artificial Gravity Generators
can and must be built by America.”
Ted Davis (1936-2016)


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