Florida Ranked #2 Most Fun State


Ok, so Florida has been ranked No.2 MOST FUN State in America for 2019 behind California which ranked No.1 most fun state. Well, here at SunFun Florida we definitely DISAGREE with the ranking. First of all, Florida is synonymous with “VACATION” and vacation is synonymous with “FUN.” Second, Florida has so many natural areas for fun activities such as Fishing, Surfing, Golfing, Boating, Diving, Swimming, Paddle-boarding, Water Skiing, Jet-Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Dancing, BBQing, Beach-going, as well as concert going, sporting events, rocket launching, and good old fashion relaxing.

So HOW is it possible that Florida gets ranked No. 2 MOST FUN STATE in America?

Well, the ranking includes nightlife and a few other things which apparently contributed to Florida’s ranking being lowered.  True, Florida’s nightlife is limited to major cities such as Miami and Orlando but who is defining “nightlife” and what nightlife activities are included.  The ranking I am sure is fair but it is possible that it’s somewhat biased and open to interpretation.

The SunFun State

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Floridians don’t need to be told that the Sunshine State is fun but it’s nice to be recognized. According to the personal finance website WalletHub, Florida ranked as America’s most fun state behind California — making it No. 2. For the rankings, WalletHub used more than two dozen weighted metrics related to entertainment, recreation and nightlife. Florida ranked number two in entertainment and recreation and 11th for nightlife. Other states in the top five most fun states include New York, Washington and Colorado. According to the ranking, West Virginia, Mississippi, Delaware and Rhode Island are the least fun states in the union.

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