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Funny Florida Town Names


Florida is Easy to Pronounce But Not These Towns

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Here at SunFun Florida, we LOVE Florida even the hot humid weather, the traffic, the slow driving retirees, the mosquitoes, and even the late afternoon summer thunderstorms. BUT we definitely don’t like difficult to pronounce Florida city names, such as… Immokalee.  Of course, we also don’t like Hurricanes (the exception is the University of Miami Hurricanes football team – Go Canes!).

Voted No. 1 Funniest Florida Town Name
Two Egg, FL

Top 15 Funniest Florida Town Names

No these names are not fake – they are actual real Florida town names that still exist today in the State of Florida.

1. Two Egg, FL
Located in Jackson County, FL, this unincorporated community got its name during the Great Depression, when it’s local residents would often trade “two eggs” as currency to buy other items. Sounds over-easy to me.

2. Niceville, FL
Niceville used to be called Boggy or some say Boggyville. Residents know it as the home of the annual Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival.

3. Couch, FL
Well we all know Florida to be a retirement state with visions of senior citizens lounging around on sun chairs and couches. So I guess this town is no exception.

4. Dogtown, FL
This particular town may have alot of dogs which would be the opposite of Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West with a bunch of cats.

5. Mayo, FL
This is a tiny town with about 1,000 people in Lafayette County. The residents must love mayonnaise. The mayor must be Mr. Hellmanns. Haha.

6. Lulu, FL
The town of Lulu has a small population that basically resides in empty “ghost town.” The story of the town name comes from the “belief” that the head postmaster named the town after his girlfriend Lulu. The previous town name is unknown but was said to be too similar to the name of someone else’s girlfriend. Weird?

7. Doctor’s Inlet, FL
This is a small town in Clay County, FL. The town probably has no Obamacare there. Haha.

8. Okahumpka, FL
This “census-designated place” in Lake County (south of Leesburg) has approximately 251 people as of the year 2000. This town mayor and police have an easy job!  Right?

9. Ocheesee, FL
Unfortunately, the town of Ocheesee was the site of the longest fighting during the Seminole War. On a more positive note, it now has a “cheesy” name for it’s Ocheesee Creamery business.

10. Briny Breezes, FL
This classic Florida town located in Palm Beach County used to have all tourist rentals, but in 1958, the owner decided to sell the land to the members of the community so he could retire. MOVIE TRIVIA ALERT!  This town was filmed as part of a classic Florida retired community backdrop for the movie, In Her Shoes.  No Oscar nominations here. Haha.

11. Dinner Island, FL
Ring the dinner bell – dinner is served in the town of Dinner Island.  The residents must be master chefs that enjoy fishing and hunting around the island.  Just a thought, but it seems possible they may have good deserts there too. Haha.

12. Sopchoppy, FL
This odd city name is located in Wakulla County (which is difficult to pronounce as well). The original town name was known as Lockchoppe, a word from the Muskogee Indians which means, acorn stem.  Later the town was named Sopchoppy, maybe to sound more appealing.  Or maybe not.  As of 2004, the town population was about 465, and is now the home of the annual Worm Grunting Festival.  Hmm… Interesting.

13. Panacea, FL
This town could very well cure people of illness or just the winter blues as a vacation spot.  It’s known to have the Panacea Mineral Springs, which has been touted for it’s healing properties while taking a dip.

14. Yeehaw Junction, FL
Yeehaw!!  Ride em’ Cowboy!!  Funny there are not too many cowboys in this Florida town.  What’s even funnier is this town located in Osceola County used to be called….  Jackass Junction or Jackass Crossing, which is named after the donkey ranchers who visited a local joint there called the Desert Inn, which was also known by historians as a lovely brothel.  Fast forward to modern day and the town was respectively renamed to Yeehaw Junction when the Florida Turnpike was built through the town.  BTW, yeehaw, is the Seminole Indian word for “wolf.”

15. Christmas, FL
This fun town is home to the world’s largest gator building called, Swampy. The large building is part of the Jungle Adventures Nature Animal Park.

EXTRA.  Needmore, FL
This town needs more of something. Haha.

EXTRA. EXTRA. Lorida, Florida
This town has a serious identity crisis. Haha.

What the Heck – Here are Some More Strange Florida Town Names


Roach Branch (south of Bonifay)
Spuds (southwest of St. Augustine)
Tobacco Patch Landing (southeast of Gainesville)
Wacahoota (southwest of Gainesville)
Weeki Wachee (west of Brooksville)Bagdad (northeast of Pensacola)
Bohemia (northeast of Pensacola)
Elfers (south of New Port Richey)
Eucheeanna (southeast of DeFuniak Springs)
Festus (northeast of Tallahassee)
Fluffy Landing (northeast of Santa Rosa Beach)
Lone Cabbage (west of Cocoa)
New York (north of Pensacola)
Picnic (southwest of Tampa)
Possum Bluff (northwest of Merritt Island)


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