Our Story

It's not about us,
it's about Sharin' the SunFun Life.

SunFun is an independently run clothing brand founded on the idea of Livin’ and Sharin’ the Florida Lifestyle by showcasing talented artists throughout Florida.

SunFun Florida Clothing and Apparel embodies a locally understood idea of hangin’ out and havin’ fun in the tropical paradise of Florida. Whatever makes you happy and inspires your passion for life is something we encourage and desire for our amazing Sun Fun Florida customers. Whether it’s Fishing, Boating, Surfing, Swimming or Scuba Diving or just chillin’ out with friends or family on the beach we want Sun Fun to be that “tangible” thing that makes Florida life even better.

Our apparel brings together a collection of unique garment styles and logos featuring different artists that will hopefully express your Florida lifestyle.

Our History – Florida Friends and Fun

Sun Fun started with the desire to share the Florida lifestyle with everyone. The founder, Jonathan Davis “JD”, a native of Jupiter, Florida grew up fishing, surfing, jet-skiing, hydrosliding, camping and just hangin’ out on his boat with friends and family. In 2016 JD, an artist, designer and computer animation graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, FL), had a vision to utilize his network of artist friends living in Florida by showcasing their art and encouraging them to capture the mystic of Florida. JD wanted to share his own art and the creative visions of his artistic friends with all Floridians and even tourists by printing the art on clothing.

Initially, JD came up with the Sun Fun company logo while hanging out with his best friend and Sun Fun co-founder, Dan Shepherd, who also grew up in Florida. JD wanted a logo that would describe Florida as a fun tropical paradise in the sun. One night while eating sushi JD and Dan were talking about getting the Florida lifestyle clothing company started. JD in a moment of creativity made a drawing on the back of the restaurant’s paper placemat that simply said “SUN  UN” but instead of using the letter “F” JD used the shape of the State of Florida which in reality actually looks like the letter F if it’s flipped or reversed in direction. How cool is that – you know?

“The name Florida is practically synonymous with the words Sun and Fun” explained JD, “and the word Florida starts with the letter F and even looks like an F so why not flip it around – it’s a “No Brainer” you know? It just makes sense and it’s cool lookin.”

SunFun Florida TM Clothing Apparel Hats Accessories Decals Stickers Sun Fun FL State

Dan and JD wanted more for their Sun Fun Florida lifestyle clothing company so they decided to create several other logos using the geographical shape of Florida as the letter “F.”

They designed, copyrighted and trademarked several Florida “F” logos such as, the Florida abbreviation “FL”, a Fishin’ Florida logo, a Surfin’ logo, a Florida logo, a Family logo, a DolFan logo (NFL Miami Dolphins Fanatic), and even a Hispanic logo – Fiesta Florida. SunFun’s newest trademark pending logos, Golfin’, BucsFan, JagsFan and FloVida (Florida Life), will be added to the website soon – please make sure you check back later!
To date, SunFun has over 25 other copyrighted logo designs using the shape of the State of Florida as the letter “F” all of which will eventually be available on the website over time. Florida has so many fun activities to do which is why every logo we design captures the meaning of the Sunshine State aka “The Sun Fun State.”

We hope through hard work and dedication that SunFunFlorida.com will promote Fun in the Sun for everyone in Florida. God bless.

Ecclesiastes 8:15 (NLT)
“So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.”

Our Customer Service

We are SunFun and we make really beautiful and amazing stuff.  Check out all of our logos, apparel and accessories.  If you have any questions or comments we are HERE for you.

We empower artists
to bring you closer to a pure, authentic and timeless Florida Lifestyle.

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