SunFun Artists

Dante Ventura

Handcrafted art
with a shred of neotropical intensity.

Dante has a way of joining stuff together to create thought provoking art. He’s not native to Florida but he definitely loves livin’ the FL lifestyle.

Glenn Shaw

A South Florida artist on a mission.

Glenn’s mission as a local Florida artist is to utilize all types of materials (e.g. driftwood) to create tropical art. One of his more popular craft skills is shaping palm leaves into colorful decorative fish shapes.

Natalya Ovchinnikova

Creative finesse with
no compromises.

Natalya is a Russian girl that was tired of cold Russian winters so she transplanted herself to warm South Florida. Since she loves nature and animals her art reflects this love.

Ted Davis

Developed a “unique” style of art called: Blendings.

Ted’s incredible “Blendings” define a completely new style of artwork. His unique “Blendings” technique literally infuses color pencil hues into mylar material.